Colloque 2021: Cartes et cartographies dans le monde anglophone aux xviie et xviiie siècles / Maps and Mapping in English-speaking countries in the xviith and xviiith centuries

Colloque annuel de la SEAA 17-18
Dates : 15 et 16 janvier 2021
En ligne

Le colloque 2021 de la SEAA 17-18 a eu lieu intégralement en ligne du fait des conditions sanitaires.

Le programme est aussi disponible en version PDF ici.

Maps and Mapping in English-speaking Countries in the 17th and 18thCenturies

Annual Conference of the SEAA 17-18

January 15, 2021

8h45-9h: Welcome address by Pierre Lurbe (President of the SEAA 17-18), Carine Lounissi (Université de Rouen-Normandie), Emmanuelle Peraldo (Université Côte d’Azur) and Agnès Trouillet (Université Paris Nanterre).

Session 1 – 9h-10h45: Maps in the Texts / Texts in the Maps

Chair: Lynn Meskill (Université de Paris)

9h-9h20: Chloe Fairbanks (University of Oxford)

Of euery soyle within this kingdome’: Mapping the Nation on the Early Modern Stage 

9h20- 9h40: Louise McCarthy, Ladan Niayesh (Université de Paris)

Cartography as Propagandist Design: From Company Maps to Prince Henry’s Virginian Masques (1613-14) 

9h40-10h: Julien Nègre (ENS de Lyon)

Writing (on) the Line: Map and Text in William Byrd’s Histories of the Dividing Line (1728)” 

10h-10h20: Amélie Derome (Aix-Marseille Université)

Representation of imaginary lands in French translations of Gulliver’s Travels: Wiping Charts off the Map. 

10h20-10h45: Discussion

10h45-11h: coffee break

Session 2 – 11h-12h25: The Production and Circulation of Maps

Chair: Katherine Parker (University of London)

11h-11h20: Djoeke van Netten (University of Amsterdam)

Sea-Mirrors. How Seventeenth-Century English Pilot Guides Show what Maps were and how they were Used 

11h20-11h40: Isabella Jean Alexander (University of Technology, Sydney)

Maps before Copyright 

11h40-12h: Benedicte Miyamoto (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3)

Color-coded Manuscript Maps in the Military Enlightenment: The Circulation of Map-mindedness. 

12h-12h25: Discussion

12h25-14h: lunch

[12h45-13h45: Ph.D. candidates meeting coordinated by Juliette Misset]

Session 3 – 14h-15h55: Maps as Narratives

Chair: Ariane Fennetaux (Université de Paris)

14h-14h20: Manon Turban (Université de Paris)

Monsters on Early Modern Maps

14h20-14h40: Alex Zukas (National University, San Diego)

Cartography and Narrative in the Maps of Herman Moll’s The World Described. 

14h40-15h: Bertie Mandelblatt (John Carter Brown Library – Providence, Rhode Island)

Mapping Sovereignty with Open Borders: the Social Worlds of Adlum’s 1792 Pennsylvania Map” 

15h-15h20: Kimberly Sayre Alexander (University of New Hampshire)

Silk Roads: Mapping Post-Revolutionary Boston at Mrs. Rowson’s (1762 –1824) Young Ladies Academy 

15h20-15h55: Discussion

15h55-16h10: coffee break

16h10-17h30: Keynote Lecture: Max Edelson (University of Virginia)

The Search for Cofitachequi: Imagining the Interior of Southeastern North America, 1500-1725”

Chair: Agnès Trouillet (Université Paris Nanterre)

January 16, 2021

9h-11h30: Annual Meeting of the SEAA 17-18

11h30-11h45: coffee break

11h45-12h45: Plenary Lecture: Katherine Parker (University of London)

The Ship, the Map, the Chart, and the Book: the Role of the Royal Navy in the Publication of Pacific Geographic Knowledge in the Long-Eighteenth Century”

Chair: Jim Bennett (Hakluyt Society)

12h45-14h: Book Club Brunch

Session 4 – 14h-15h55: Surveying the Empire

Chair: Stephen Hornsby (University of Maine)

14h-14h20: Kristofer Ray (University of Hull)

Native Cartography and the Limits of European Empire in 18th Century North America 

14h20-14h40: Michael Borsk (Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario)

Little Better than Sketches”: Surveyors and Cartography in the Great Lakes Borderland 

14h40-15h00: Baijayanti Chatterjee (Seth Anandram Jaipuria College, Calcutta University)

Founding Empire: James Rennell and the Eighteenth-Century Survey of British Bengal 

15h-15h20: Catherine Porter (University of Limerick)

How Early Maps of Ireland were Made: an Exploration of the Bodley Maps of Ulster

15h20-15h55: Discussion

15h55-16h10: coffee break

16h10-17h30: Roundtable: Maps and Digital Mapping

Moderators: Robert Clark (University of East Anglia) and Agnès Delahaye (Université Lumière Lyon 2)

Giovanna Ceserani (Stanford University): Mapping the Republic of Letters: Travelers on the Grand Tour

Nick Gliserman (University of Southern California): Early Maps as Sources of Geohistorical Data: The Case of the 1760 Murray Atlas

Angel-Luke O’Donnell (King’s College London): Mapping Mortgages: Researching and Teaching Early American Industrialization

Sophie Vasset (Université de Paris): Mapping Spas in Eighteenth-century Britain

Rosemarie Zaggari (George Mason University): Mapping Early American Elections

Société d’Études Anglo-Américaines des XVIIe et XVIIIe Siècles